All Farm Frenzy games. Full versions.

Here you can find the full collection of Farm Frenzy Games series. Are you tired of big cities? Do you want to try all goods of country life? Here you are! Follow Scarlett and manage many different farms all around the world! Cultivate your fields, care about your animals, gather the items and sell your products for earn money.

Like Scarlett you will like the farmery craft because in farm frenzy it is really fun! You will meet a lot of very amuzing characters and try different strategies to get success in your farmery business. Every game of the Farm Frenzy series is a top-rating game! Download any game for free trial or play free online now. Your whole family can enjoy these games!

Here are all farm frenzy games. You can find and download full releases and play free online games.

Full list of Farm Frenzy Series games

Farm Frenzy 1

This is the first game of the series. Try your hand at running a farm! Do you like country life and farmery business?
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Farm Frenzy 2

The fun never stops in Farm Frenzy. Enjoy the second part of series. Indulge in a little fowl play before the day is done!
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Farm Frenzy - Pizza Party

Produce different kinds of pizza on your new farm and enjoy your favourite food in this new Farm Frenzy Game.

Farm Frenzy 3

Manage five different farms around the world, as you try your hand at penguin breeding and jewelry making in Farm Frenzy 3!
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Farm Frenzy 3. American Pie

New challenges in new Farm Frenzy. This time Scarlett decided to use robots on her lands. How do you like this idea?
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Farm Frenzy 3. Ice Age

Run a new farm on North Pole! Make ice cream and care amuzing penguins with Scarlett!
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Farm Frenzy 3. Russian Roulette

Scarlett is going to help astronauts and take over the account and feeding the space walkers

Farm Frenzy 3. Madagascar

Now Scarlett travels to the exotic country and raise birds and elephants on stunning Madagascar!
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Farm Frenzy. Gone Fishing

Raise a variety of exotic fish and manufacture never before seen products on a new island farm.
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Farm Frenzy. Ancient Rome

In ancient Rome Scarlett raise goods on her farm to ensure soldiers by food and goods.
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Farm Frenzy. Viking Heroes

Drop your axe! Now viking heroes are going to run a farm.
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Farm Frenzy 4

Save your grandparents' farm in a new 3D game!
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